Monday, 29 February 2016

#hanemoon2morocco became #hanemoon2paris

Most already know that our Morocco trip was cancelled.

Here's what happened :(

From KL, we took flight to Paris and stayed overnoght in Paris before taking flight to Morocco. However, we got pick-pocketed while we were in Paris city center, at Chatelet Les Halles metro station en-route to Paris CDG Airport to board the flight to Marrakech, Morocco. 

Sad? Yes. Traumatized? YESSS!

The thieves stole our passport holders. My passport holder contained my PASSPORT and CIMB CREDIT CARD. Hannan's passport holder contained his passport and HSBC Credit Card. To top it up, the thief even managed to  use the credit card. 

CIMB actually called me while I was trying to contact them. However, still RM9k++ transactions went through.

Meanwhile, HSBC just sent a message to Hannan saying "Your card has been used at XXX for amount XXX, please call if you did not authorized.." No phone number to call back, no instant reply to reply to. We tried calling HSBC Malaysia using the number provided at the back of the HSBC supplementary card, SUPRISED..! the number was not in service -_- So from the police station, we had to call Visa, which required thousands of verification, and "please hold the line..." and meanwhile the sms notifications of transactions keep coming in. The thief was actively using the credit card while Hannan tried to get through the bank. A RM25k++ was used.

So no passport, no visa, no entry to Morocco. Bear in mind that we already paid quite huge amount of non-refundable deposit to our Morocco agent. To top it of, our credit cards that were stolen, were used! 

Shaken, we just want to go back to Malaysia as soon as possible.

Of course we had to report and apply for passport at Malaysia Embassy in Paris. Since Malaysia Embassy in Paris does not issue passports. we only received Emergency Certificate.

Upon receiving our Emergency Certificate, we just want to go home asap. But of course that was subject to flight availability and the soonest we could go home was on Sunday (we got our Emergency Cert on Wednesday).

On the bright side, the France Police managed to catch the thief on the same day that he stole our belongings. the story of how the thief got captured is rather funny which I shall share later. We even required to identify the thief, which we successfully did and we pressed charges.

So, ok..

While we were in Paris and recovering from trauma and counting our blessings by playing "it could have been worse if....." which really helps by the way, we just continued our holiday in Paris. 

So that's the story how our 

#hanemoon2morocco turned into #hanemoon2paris